Details of the sectors we have working groups in are detailed below.

Many of the New Silk Road countries present opportunities for investment within agri related businesses, ranging from farming processes and labour up-skilling, to the development of necessary infrastructure for transportation and storage. The achievement of an operating environment, robust enough to facilitate an efficient market in the long term is essential to food security.

Promoting greater awareness and appreciation of the rich and varied cultural and artistic traditions of the diverse countries of the New Silk Road.

Identifying how the education sector can help New Silk Road countries maximise their human potential, including exploring opportunities for collaboration between educational institutions in the region and worldwide.
With abundant energy resources, the countries of the New Silk Road represent a key corridor between Europe and Asia critical to global energy distribution networks. Energy Production & Distribution events will explores the opportunities in this sector for international businesses and investors across the region.
As the fast growing economies of the New Silk Road continue to expand and strengthen their presence in the international financial markets, how financial institutions and New Silk Road countries can work together to maximise financial best practice and investment opportunities throughout the region will be explored.
With economic development accelerating along the New Silk Road, infrastructure projects have never been more critical to ensure continued growth across the region. Infrastructure events will to bring together international businesses active in the sector with regional governments and institutions, ensuring global expert best practice can be brought to the service of local infrastructure requirements.
Interconnectivity provides a strategic overview of all business and investment opportunities along the New Silk Road including the provision of appropriate data and statistics for discussion.
Islamic finance banking activities consistent with the principles of Shari'ah law, represents one of the most dynamic sectors of the global financial markets. Islamic Finance events aim to bring together some of the leading experts in this field in order to raise awareness of the principles of Islamic Banking amongst New Silk Road countries and the opportunities available across the region to Shari'ah compliant investors and institutions.
As the global economy becomes ever more closely integrated and interconnected, issues of law and governance have never been more important. Events will focus on bring together leading lawyers and governance experts to discuss the implementation of best practice in these fields across the region.
Metals. Food. Water. Fuel. Events will focus on the opportunities available in these vital sectors both for international investors along the New Silk road and for local investors globally.
Reliable and transparent tax and accountancy regimes are key to international investors in their target destinations. The discussions will bring together international experts in these fields to identify the opportunities and challenges faced by investors in the region and any changes to Tax and Accounting regimes.